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Elton John Releases Young Dumb and Broke Cover With Khalid

Sir Elton John seems to be a big fan of R&B singer Khalid.

The iconic singer covered “Young, Dumb and Broke” by the El Paso, Texas singer. The song is a perfect mash of classic piano that Elton John is known for and contemporary songwriting.

Do you think more iconic artists should duet with younger artists? What is your favorite collab from a veteran artist and a newer artist?

Give it a listen now below!

Ellen Degeneres is Considering Leaving Daytime

Could the current queen of daytime television be ready to call it quits in 2020? Ellen DeGeneres certainly seems to be considering it.

The 32-time Emmy winner tells the New York Times that she thought long and hard before signing her most recent extension that runs through the summer of 2020.

The wife of DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi would like her to put her energy towards something else. Her brother Vance DeGeneres thinks that television needs Ellen's positivity.

As for what Ellen wants? She tells the NYT that she would love to do a movie and play "someone unappealing" for once.

Is this a play for a bigger contract and more money? Or would Ellen leave the show that has brought her worldwide fame?

Would You Ditch Your Smartphone for a Year for $100,000?

Do you spend mindless hours scrolling on your social feeds when you know you could be doing something much more productive?

If so, and you are looking for some motivation to break your smartphone addiction, there's a company that wants to help you!

Vitamin water is willing to pay one lucky person $100,000 if they can make it an entire year without their smartphone! If the person only lasts six months, they will get $10,000.

Whoever is selected for the competition gets a "call-only" phone and can still use a laptop or desktop. However, using someone else's smartphone is a no-no.

A lie detector test will be administered. Contest submissions are currently open and will end on January 8th. You can enter four times via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest in the post.

Could you last a year without your smartphone? What would you do with the prize money?

Taylor Swift used facial recognition software to identify her stalkers at concerts

If you attended a Taylor Swift concert recently then your face could have been scanned to detect if you are a Taylor Swift stalker.

During Swift’s 2018 “Reputation” tour a kiosk showing rehearsal footage from Swift’s Rose Bowl and Madison Square Garden performance used facial recognition software that took a picture of the concertgoer as they viewed the rehearsal footage.

The pictures were then sent to a control center in Nashville where they were analyzed. There’s no word on if concertgoers own the images or how long the pictures will be kept at the control center.

Do you think this is a good idea to keep artists safe or is it an invasion of a person’s privacy?

Does Drake Have a Las Vegas Residency?

Drake is scheduled to perform at the XS Nightclub on the Las Vegas strip on January 10th.

The concert is in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show. 

The Las Vegas Review-Journal found out that this might not be a one-off for Drake. The newspaper discovered that Drizzy may have signed a deal to do 12 club appearances at XS over the next 2 years.

While this may not be a true residency, other artists and DJ's have regular gigs at venues up and down the Strip.

What is the best show you've seen in a club? Who was performing? 

Freckle Tattoos Are The New Beauty Trend

Lip injections, botox, and vampire facials, people are always doing something to achieve the perfect look.

The newest trend in beauty is freckle tattoos.

A characteristic that was previously covered with makeup is now being admired and envied in some circles.

A shift in the idea of natural beauty is said to be a driving factor behind the desire for the look of the moment.

People are paying to have them permanently tatted on or are drawing them on with makeup.

A tattoo artist in New York said she started doing the procedure after getting daily requests.

The tattoos usually last about a year before they begin to fade depending on the amount of time spent in the sunlight.

She also noted that some people with natural freckles are coming in to get them tattooed so they will look even more prominent.

What is the craziest body modification that you would consider?

Girl Calls 911 Over Unwanted Chores

911 is for emergencies...ONLY! Police want to remind you to tell your kids that little fun fact.

A 9-year-old girl in Ontario called the cops after her mother told her to clean her room.

Apparently doing forced chores constituted an emergency in her book.

Police said that although this incident may seem humorous false calls are no laughing matter and take time and resources away from responding to actual emergencies.

Would you ever call the cops on your child or turn them into the police?

Ariana Grande Shuts Down Ricky Alvarez Romance Rumors

Ariana Grande had to cool off her fans after they thought she was rekindling her romance with Ricky Alvarez. They dated for about a year in 2015 and 2016. Grande mentions Alvarez in her song, thank u, next. 

It all started on Monday when Alvarez posted a pic on Instagram. Ricky was wearing a mustard-colored sweater. He captioned the photo, "Ready for it."

Grande got into the comments and said, "These colors are sick." That's all she said. That was enough to get people wondering if Ariana was being flirty with her ex.

Grande squashed the chatter by commenting back, "We're friends. Everyone take a big ol breather."

Have your online comments ever been mistaken as being flirtatious? Do you think there is any chance Grande would go back to dating Alvarez? 

Delta To Ban Puppies And Kittens

You know what's a good way to make sure your announcement will be unpopular? Include the words "banning puppies".

That's what Delta Airlines is doing, changing its rules on support animals to ban all puppies and kittens under 4 months old.

Furthermore, Delta is banning all emotional support animals on flights that last longer than 8 hours.

The new rules go into effect next week, but if you were planning on flying with a kitten and already bought a ticket you can still do so until Feb. 1st.

Are these new rules too strict? Have you ever been stuck on a flight with an unruly pet?

‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Teaser Reveals Episode Titles, 2019 Release

Not only does 2019 bring us a new year, but it kicks off the third season of Stranger Things

Taking to their official Twitter on Sunday, the series has released all eight episode titles in a new, minute-long trailer that begins with the words, "In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues," over the show's theme music.

The first episode will be called "Suzie, Do You Copy?" followed by "The Mall Rats," "The Case of the Missing Lifeguard," "The Sauna Test," "The Source," "The Birthday," "The Bite" and "The Battle of Starcourt."

Starcourt is the name of the mall created for the new season, which was teased in a promo released back in July.

Which other shows are you excited to watch in the new year?

Beyonce Performs at Lavish Indian Wedding

Yes, it happened.

She was in India to perform at a pre-wedding event thrown by Mukesh Ambani. Who is he? Just the richest person in India. He has a net worth of $42 billion from his oil and gas business. Ambani was the father of the bride.

TMZ reports Beyonce performed some of her biggest hits like Crazy In Love and Naughty Girl. She also sang Perfect without help from Ed Sheeran.

Allegedly, Beyonce made a bit a money on this performance. An exact number is unknown.

Do you give the thumbs up to artists who do these wedding or birthday concerts in other countries to make a lot of money? 

Another Warning Not To Eat Raw Cookie Dough

It might seem tempting to take a bite of raw cookie dough but the Centers for Disease Control says don't do it.

Warnings about eating cookie dough have been around for years. The CDC has issued their updated advisory for the holiday season.

Why shouldn't you munch on raw cookie dough? Flour and raw eggs could contain bacteria and salmonella. 

This goes for any unbaked mix so it's probably best not to lick the spoon of the cake batter.

Do you think you've gotten sick from cookie dough or snacking on the batter? When did you get ill from eating something undercooked? 

Post Malone to release second Crocs collaboration

Is there a better collaboration than Post Malone teaming up with Crocs? 

Post's first Crocs shoe sold out in an hour. He's got another limited edition clog you can buy this week.

The new shoe is yellow with black barbed-wire accents and six exclusive Jibbitz charms. 

You'd better be ready to buy. They go on sale Tuesday (December 11th) at 2:00 pm Eastern at They will also be available at select Crocs stores in New York, Florida, California, and Texas.

Cardi B Now Rapping About Divorce

Cardi B performed “Motorsport” at Chicago’s Jingle Bash show, which is the Migos hit featuring her and Nicki Minaj, but she switched up the lyrics to reflect her split from Offset.

She rapped, “I get up set off. I turn Offset on. I told him the other day, yeah, we gon' get a divorce!” 

The original lines goes, “I get up set off. I turn Offset on. I told him the other day. Man, we should sell that porn.” 

The performance got back to Offset and he tweeted, “F—k y’all I miss Cardi.” 

Cardi later took to social media, explaining that her split with Offset was not a publicity stunt.

Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Ariana Grande Snubbed by Grammys

It's time to analyze the artists who didn't get Grammy nomination love on Friday.

The biggest snub is to Taylor Swift. Her Reputation album only received one nomination. She's up for Best Pop Vocal Album. Considering her Grammy history, this was a shocking development.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's joint album Everything Is Love was shut out of any consideration.

Ariana Grande's Sweetner only pulled in two nominations after pundits thought the album would get more nominations. 

Who do you think got snubbed for the Grammy nominations?

Top YouTube Music Videos Of 2018

The top YouTube music videos of 2018 had a distinct flavor or “Sabor!”

Eight of the top 10 worldwide music videos were in Spanish. Three of them featured latin artist Ozuna.

The #1 spot went to Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny and Ozuna for their remix of “Te Boté.” The video had 1.45 billion views.

Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito,” was #1 last year and still holds the record as the most-viewed YouTube video of all time with over 5.7 billion views.

The two English videos that made the cut this year were Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” (feat. Cardi B) and Drake’s “God’s Plan.”

Ariana Grande’s "Thank U, Next" video earned a record for the most views in 24-hours but didn’t make the cut.

What was your favorite music video of the year?

Nicki Minaj & Drake No Longer Follow Each Other On Instagram

Ok, someone with some time to kill has discovered that Nicki Minaj and Drake no longer follow each other on Instagram. 

There are those that believe the unfollow is a result of Drake and Meek Mill reconciling after their much publicized beef. 

To add to that theory, fans feel that the fact that Meek not only has Drake, but also Cardi B on the new album also has Nicki feeling some type of way. 

Do you believe these rumors? Have you ever unfollowed someone you were cool with because of their other friends? How do you feel when you find out someone has unfollowed you on social media? 

The State With The Worst Christmas Spirit Is…

If you are looking for a little bit of Christmas cheer this holiday season, steer clear of Alaska.

According to a new survey which ranked each state on their holiday spirit the country's largest state came in dead last.

The survey was based on two major factors: online activity and area culture.

The state that ranked the highest was Washington, followed by South Dakota, Utah, Missouri, and Maine.

The bottom 5 were Michigan, New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska.

What is the holiday that you most look forward to? 

The 'thank u, next' Parody You Need Today

James Corden will have you singing Thank u, Jeff instead of thank u, next.

Corden performed a parody of the Ariana Grande hit. The song is dedicated to Jeff Goldblum.

Some of the lyrics are, "He's a silver fox / With black thick-rimmed glasses / The way that he talks / Will charm off your asses / thank u, Jeff."

Yes, Jeff Goldblum appears in the video. And yes, the video also mimics Ariana's. Classic.

What is your favorite Jeff Goldblum performance? 

Juice WRLD and Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie cry emo tears on new song “Roses”

It’s so cool when artists from different worlds collaborate and who knew we were ready for a Juice WRLD and Panic! At The Disco collab.

“Roses” is the new song featuring the emo artists with production from Benny Blanco.

Blanco told Beats 1 that he had recorded 50 songs with Juice WRLD and had to put the first song they recorded out because he “loved it so much.”

Blanco also has music with Halsey, Calvin Harris, Khalid, Jesse, and Swae Lee and plans to put out a new song each week.

What is your favorite mixed genre collaboration?


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