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KimmyB fell in love with radio her senior year at the University of Miami when she landed an internship with one of Miami’s most legendary stations, 99JAMZ.  With a lot of hard work and dedication, Kimmy has grown that internship with 99Jamz into an extremely successful radio career, using her dynamic personality, ability to engage and interact with on-air guests, multi-cultural background, and strong ties to the community to captivate her listeners and solidify her place on the Miami Air-Waves!  And now, she’s hoping to bring that same energy and vibe to Hot 101.5.
When she’s not on-air you will for sure find KimmyB doing any of the following; stuffing her face at a great restaurant or sipping a cocktail on a sandbar, working out, hitting a Bulls, Rays, Lightening, or Bucs’ game, or her favorite…giving back in any way she can.  She’s also always ready to stamp her passport or take a road trip, and loves exploring new places looking for all things fabulous from fashion and food, to art, books or a new chill spot; and she believes all you really need in life are good people, great conversation, and of course an EPIC playlist.  So, hopefully you’re ready ‘cuz that’s the energy she’s bringing every weeknight from 7p-Midnight.


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Dishin’ the Dirt: Beyonce is Out Here Fueling the Pregnancy Rumors and We LOVE It!!!

And The Plot Thickens...

The Beyonce Baby rumors started earlier this week after a fan video taping the OTR II Tour caught the Queen giving her belly the preggo rub...Take a Peek!!!

This video coupled with the fact that B has apparently been feeling “sick” at a lot of the shows got #TheHive a Humming with talk of Baby #4...

While the #BeyHive is rarely if ever WRONG when it comes to their speculations regarding their QUEEN the question still remains...Is Beyonce Pregnant?!?!

Welp...The Afternoon Krew is starting to lean towards YES, especially since she posted this on her instagram earlier today...

YES...she could definitely be paying homage to her EPIC album with the same title...4!

YES...she could very well be aware of the rumors and is simply  having some fun playing with our emotions!

OR...She could in fact be giving us a Cloaked Confirmation!

And lets be real, Beyonce and JayZ are masters when it comes to hidden  messages and subtle innuendo and they both know EXACTLY what they are doing when it comes to moves like this!

So Luvies...we leave it to you...Is Baby Carter #4 on the way or are Yonce & Hov out here playing games?!



Dishin’ the Dirt: Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Real Madrid Fans with a Beautiful Goodbye Letter!!!

For Real Madrid fans today marks the end of an era...

Cristiano Ronaldo...affectionately known in the Futbol world as CR7...has decided it’s time for him to move on from the club and the city he’s called home  for the past 9 years.

In those 9 years Real Madrid claimed 4 Champions League Titles in 5 years....3 of them back-to-back & Ronaldo has been a 4x  recipient of the Balloon d’Or, Futbols Highest Honor (he has 5 in total) and won the Golden Shoe 3x’s.  To say it’s been a prolific run is an understatement, but according to Cristiano it’s time to “start a new chapter”...

If you’re like me and thinkin...If it AIN’T broke (and clearly it’s not)...then why “fix” it...well the $120million that JUVENTUS threw his way probably made it a little easier to chuck up the deuces...know what I’m saying?!

Oh Yeah...he’s going to the other Futbol Juggernaut...Italy’s Juventus, so Real Madrid fans you’ll be seeing plenty more of Cristiano!

I will say this...he wrote a BEAUTIFUL letter to the fans and the city, thanking them for their love and support and describing what has clearly been a monumental piece of his life-story.  The letter has been posted on the Real Madrid website and it’s definitely worth the read...

If you can read Spanish (I can’t) his farewell letter is in this @realmadrid IG post...

Of course the fans aren’t the only ones that feel a way about his decision to leave...both current and former teammates like Sergio Ramos & Sami Khedira took to twitter to show love to their futbol  brother as well!

While Cristiano will surely be missed, something tells me that Real Madrid isn’t too worried about it’s future, after all, they are REAL MADRID!!!

Bets of Luck Cristiano!!!

PS..Don’t forget to Pay those Taxes Boo!!!!


KimmyB aka #PettyPatty

Dishin’ the Dirt: Another One Bites the Dust...Halsey & G-Eazy Split!

Say it ain’t so!!!

Halsey has confirmed that the 2017 “Bonnie and Clyde” have called it least for the foreseeable future!

Now, I hate to even admit this...but I swear I called this **** earlier today!!

No, for real!  I knew something was up a couple days ago when I saw this post on his IG...

 The caption is what got me tho...*Rewind*...just felt ominous!

And then today Halsey posted this...

Again...the caption!!!

She then posted THIS on her Insta-Story...

I don’t know what happened, but something tells me G-Eazy did something stupid...#IJS!!!

Anyway...I feel like these two will probably get back together at some point but in the meantime were asking ourselves...

WHO’s NEXT?!?!?!



Dishin’ the Dirt: Khloe Kardashian has a Wax Twin and It’s Freakin’ Us Out!

I realize that Madame Tussauds has been creating life like celebrity wax figures for 4EVA but lets be real...some are Good...some are GREAT...and then there are the ones that are So “REAL” looking they kind of freak us out...

Welp...its safe to say that Khloe Kardashian’s Las Vegas Wax Figure falls into that Last Category!!!

Take a look...

CRAZZZZZZZY what in the Khloe Kardashian?!?!

Anyway...I have to tip my hat to the folks at Madame Tussauds ‘cuz this is SPOT the F*** On, but that could also be partially due to the fact that the Kardashians are kind of like walking wax figures...#IRL!!!

Here are some of the Kardashian-Jenner Waxies... Kylie’s looks pretty damn real too, but I still think KoKo’s takes the cake!!!

What are your thoughts Luvies?! 



Dishin’ the Dirt: Demi Lovato Performs SOBER for the 1st Time and It’s EMO AF!!!

By now you’ve probably heard about the new Demi Lovato song heard round the world...

Yes I’m talking about SOBER and yes it is a raw and honest and super emo admission to her family, friends, her  fans, and the world that after 6 years of sobriety she is No Longer Sober.

Listening to the song, however, is exactly that, a sobering reminder that addiction isn’t something one just “gets over”!  Addiction, no matter what type, is a life-long battle and sobriety is truly a one-step at a time daily journey that at times may get a little off-track.  The hope, however, is that the individual is strong enough and has the necessary support to find their way back to their  positive place and path!

Good news seems that while our girl Demi is struggling, she is also desperately trying to find her way back to the light & admitting you have a problem is the first step!  However, there are some not too optimistic reports coming from her inner circle right now, and it seems that while she is admitting to having “fallen off the wagon”, Demi has yet to actually STOP drinking since her most recent relapse.  They are also saying some of her recent tour/show cancellations are due to her battles with Alcoholism...

While no one knows what the future holds for Demi Lovato one  thing is certain...She most definitely has the strength to overcome any and every demon she is facing and she has our love and support no matter what!!!

Watch her emotional 1st Performance of SOBER in Rio...



PS...this is what she posted on IG @ddlovato after this performance!

Sending Prayers and Positive Vibes Your Way Demi!!!!

Dishin’the Dirt: Adele has us wishing it was Christmas...2019!!!

Bruh...I’m writing my Christmas List for 2019 NOW and right at the top it’s going to say...NEW ADELE ALBUM por favor!!!!

No Seriously Luvies...this might just be some of the BEST Music related news we’ve received in quite a while...I mean we are talking about ADELE here people!!

The woman whose last album, 25, single handedly put the music industry back in the black with its release...

An album that sold 3 MILLION copies in its First week...In the US ALONE!!!

An Album that has since gone 11 times PLATINUM...and sold over 22 MILLION copies world wide!!!

I Think We Get Point...

Anyway, here’s the Great news...word coming out of the UK is that she was recently spotted at SONY Music Headquarters in London and she is ready to get back to work!

In fact she’s already been writing and working on new songs and they’ve been rounding up the best musicians to work with her once she’s ready to get in the studio!!!

Our sources are saying we should get the album just in time for Christmas 2019 so like I said...get your naughty out NOW so your on Santa’s “Good” List come Christmas!!!

Now if we can just convince her that she actually likes touring...

I Know I Know...One Thing at a Time!!!

Let the Countdown Begin...



Dishin’ the Dirt: American Idols Squash a “Beef”...that Never Existed!!!

Rumors have been flying for years that there was some sort of low key beef between two of AMerica’s FAVORITE “Idols”...Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood.

Well, this past weekend at an awards show Kelly Clarkson decided to put all the  “Beef” BS to rest!  The way Kelly tells it, people think because the two ladies are rarely photographed together that they must not like each other, but in reality it’s more that there schedules don’t lineup so they are rarely if ever in the same place at the same time.

Which is soon as she got the opportunity...Kelly snatched Carrie up and dragged her to the step and repeat where they posed together and everyone lost their damn minds...

Kelly is AMAZING and gives off nothing but positive vibes so this totally doesn’t surprise me one bit, and while I’ve never met Carrie Underwood something tells me they are two peas in a pod...

 Awwww....How cute are they!!!



Dishin the Dirt: Jokes On US...Cardi B and Offset are ALREADY Married!!!

That’s right Bardi Gang!!!  Cardi B and Offset have apparently been Mr. & Mrs. “official” since September of 2017!!!

The truth came out after Offset said, “I’d like to Thank My Wife” while accepting the award for best dup or group at last nights BET Awards.

Now we were all under the impression that the hot hip hop couple was engaged... I mean really, who hasn’t seen this video right?!

And, as we all know, lots of people refer to their significant other as “wifey”, but our friends at TMZ thought there might be more to this story and decided to do some digging and sure enough...BAM!!

They filed a marriage certificate in Fulton, GA back in September of 2017, which was a MONTH before that VERY public on-stage proposal...

Well, now were finding out that that moment wasnt in fact a “proposal”, but was offset keeping his promise to get Cardi a big fat Diamond...which he did!!

The story gets better though as it seems the couple literally got married in their BEDROOM the same day Offset  asked Cardi to marry him....

Apparently there will be a “real” wedding ceremony with friends and family after Cardi gives birth to their first baby...

Bardi Gang...Do we feel Bamboozled?!


Confirmation from CARDI B!!!!

Congrats Girl!!!!  Looks Like You are well on your way to having it ALL!!!



Dishin’ the Dirt: Bebe Rexha Gives Absolutely NO ***** and We Love Her For It!!!

We’ve known for a long time that Bebe Rexha is NOT afriad to speak her mind, but she took it to a whole other level in a recent Insta-Live...

Apparently there were some “pervs” that decided to join her live chat and she was NOT having it so she promptly told them to get the **** off her feed...

Well, one of her Rexhar’s was so inspired by her fierceness he put together a little video and it is EvEryTHANG!!!

Check It Out...(NSFW Language)


Ya’ll better let the pervy peeps know what time it is...



Dishin’ the Dirt:  The Conners are coming...Are You Ready?!

That’s right’s looking like a Roseanne spin-off is coming sans ROSEANNE!!!

It’s been a month since Barr went on a twitter rant that shocked the world! And while the execs over at ABC immediately decided to pull the plug on the Roseanne reboot it appears they weren’t quite ready to give up on the rest of the cast so quickly!

In fact, it’s being reported that Roseanne Barr is expected to sign an agreement/contract that would not only remove her from the spin-off but also prevent her from taking legal action and suing over it!

Not only that, it seems that the creative team has already been brainstorming Names for the new series, which include Darlene (LUV LUV LUV) and The Conners!!!

What are we thinking Luvies?

WIll the spin-off  be as good without its namesake and Will you be watching or nah?!




Dishin’ the Dirt:  Drake Sets Up EPIC Degrassi Reunion for I’m Upset Video!!!

It’s about DAMN time!!!  

Seriously folks, I was giving Drake until Friday (6.15.18) to give us some sort of update on his HIGHLY anticipated new album Scorpion and then I was about to unleash Petty Patty on his ass...4 REAL!  So, you can imagine how thrilled I was last night when he not only posted the cover art for the upcoming album, but also gave us an OFFICIAL release date...June 29th!!!

But Champagne Papi didn’t STOP there...Oh No...he also dropped the video for his latest single I’m Upset  and if you were a fan of Degrassi watching it may just make your entire 2018!!!

Check It Out...

That’s right Luvies...Drizzy aka Jimmy Brooks aka The Social Director of Degrassi was able to get the squad back for one of the most epic high school reunions ever!  Some of the cameos include Nina Dobrev (Mia Jones), Lauren Collins (Paige Brooks), Shane Kippel (“Spinner”), Miriam McDonald (Emma Nelson), and Ephraim Ellis (Rick Murray).

All I can say is...FEELS AF!!!

Also...Is it June 29th Yet?!?!



Dishin’ the Dirt: OMG or NBD...Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are... ENGAGED!!!!

Seeing as this relationship is all of 3.5 seconds OLD we’re gonna go with...OMG!!!!

Ok, so I’ve heard of love at 1st sight and “when you know you know”, but Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have just taken the saying “0-100 real quick” to a whole new level, at least as far as relationships go!!!

The two, who made it insta-official less than a month ago, have been posting pics and videos together pretty much non-stop ever since they went public with their relationship.  However, I don’t think anyone saw this coming...

I mean, both of them just got out of long-term relationships...Ariana with Mac Miller and Pete with Cazzie David.  

But according to their “people” both of those relationships are in the rearview for real, so much so, Pete and Ariana began telling people they got engaged at Robert Pattinson's birthday party in LA over the weekend. "They are both constantly making each other laugh," an insider told the outlet. "Their moms have met. They've been very public with their relationship on social media, and they are very in love."

It also seems that ARi may have casually posted a pic of her engagement ring on her insta-story...

Apparently they plan on having a “long engagement”...but at the rate these two are going “long” might be a month or two!!!

Oh well, C’est la vie...& Congrats...we hope!!!



Dishin’ the Dirt: The ladies of Oceans 8 have biggest opening weekend in franchise history!!!

Ummmm...One Time for GIRL POWER!!!

The super dynamic all female cast of Ocean’s 8 has a  BIG reason to celebrate...their $41.5million dollar opening weekend is the BIGGEST box office opening weekend haul for any of the Ocean’s movies...EVER!!!

Ocean's 8 stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna and others as an all-female team of super-thieves crashing the Met Gala for the ultimate heist.  In addition to the loaded lead cast, including Anne Hathaway,  Ocean's 8 also includes a rundown of big celebrities making cameo appearances.  The biggest names include Kim Kardashian West, Katie Holmes, Olivia Munn, Serena Williams, Common and Anna Wintour.

Now, for the SCANDAL!!!  Apparently, there were supposed to be even more cameos, including one by Ocean’s 11 star Matt Damon, who was set to reprise his role as Linus, however was CUT from the final version of the film! DIrector Gary Ross is on record saying  that Damon ‘s cameo was dropped due to a  “storytelling” call, however our insiders are saying it most likely had more to do with the fact that Damon has ruffled some #MeToo feathers and that most likely played a role in the decision to cut him from the film. 

Whatever the case may be...Ocean’s 8 packs plenty of Star Power Punch without Mr.Damon...just peep those weekend receipts!!!

Who Runs The World...

 Read More Here...



Dishin’ the Dirt: Beyonce and JAY Z are On The Run AGAIN and making US wish we were married...4 Real!!!

OK so...there’s only been one freakin’ show so far and I’m already losing ALL my **** over the On The Run II Tour!!!

For real Luvies, like I ABSOLUTELY must attend!!! From the Music, to the Dancing, to the Fashion, to the Carter Family Home Movies Beyonce and Jay-Z have left no stone unturned when it comes to putting on a show for the ages...

In fact, take a look at this video clip from Night One of OTR II in Cardi Wales...courtesy of @iDrewIvy on twitter




Like are you kidding...I mean if you didn’t get teary-eyed well I don’t think that we can be friends...LOL!!!  But, seriously tho, we get to see Blu and The Twins and was that a VOW RENEWAL ceremony we just witnessed...

And as if that’s not enough...take a peak at some of the pics Beyonce herself posted...

Ummmmm...HELLO!!!  I am LIVING for that Gucci fit and the all White is EVERYTHANG and well the 3rd pic speaks for itself... I said at the beginning...I MUST GO TO THIS CONCERT!!!  So, it has now become Summer ‘18 priority numero uno to get tix to this show...and possibly get married although I don’t see anyone paying thousands of dollars to come see home videos of me and my booski so maybe I won’t focus on the marriage part so much... 

For real though...If you’ve got the ticket PLUG...#LMK!!!!



Dishin’ the Dirt: Kim Kardashian is our #WCW and for Very Good Reason!!!

Whether you Love her or Love to HATE on her...there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian gets **** done!!!

And while her normal “modus operandi” is particularly self-serving what she has just helped do (or un-do) comes from a purely selfless place!

Today Kim K literally helped save a woman’s life and for that she deserves a definitive round of applause! No seriously...this is an AMAZING THING!!!

Alice Marie Johnson has been in jail for nearly 20 years and would have remained there for the rest of her life if it weren’t for Kim and her desire to use her power and popularity to make a true difference!  Alice was convicted and sentenced to life WITHOUT the possibility of parole on 1st Offense, Non-Violent, Drug-Related Felony Offense...I know F’ing Crazy right!

Well, when Kim heard her story she made it her personal mission to bring this injustice to light and help get this grandmother out of jail, which is why she met with President Trump last week.

Clearly she made a convincing argument because today the President decided to commute Alice Marie Johnsons sentence!!!

Here are Kim’s twitter reactions to the GREAT news...

Kim...on behalf of those everywhere who don’t always agree with the way you and your kooky family sometimes do things...I say THANK YOU!!!

Thank You for standing up for justice!

Thank You for being a Voice when others have been Silenced!

Thank You for using Your Power and Privilege to Right a WRONG!

Thank You for Using Your Platform to Be the Change!

Keep Up the Good Work Girl...



Dishin’ the Dirt: Khloe Kardashian is Clapping Back at the Twitter Trolls...AGAIN!!!

Well, it looks like Khloe is over the twitter trolls trying to weigh-in on her personal life & she chose one in particular to come for...Hey Megan!!!

Here is the tweet that got Khloe going...


Of course the stans have started coming for little miss is to be expected when a Kardashian (or any celebrity really) claps back at a troll, including Perez Hilton...

At the end of the day, you know what they say...Opinions are like A*******...Everybody’s got one!!! 

I’m just happy I wasn’t the ONLY person disappointed with KoKo’s decision to stay with her cheatin’ a** baby daddy Tristan Thompson!!!  However, I unlike many others did refrain from airing my displeasure with her least on social media!!!

PS...For what its worth I think Khloe handled her clapback with class!!!



Dishin’ The Dirt: Ariana Teases Another New Song on Instagram!

Alright guys, Ariana has been teasing us, YET AGAIN, with new music. NGL, I do have to report that the silver hair era is let’s just take a moment of *silence*

BUT, to make up for that, our Boca girl has posted another snippet of a brand new song from her album, Sweetener...And it looks like she’s in the middle of some kind of rehearsal (tour, possibly?)

Check it out here:

hot interactive 5@9





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