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New 'Justice League' trailer, movie poster revealed at Comic-Con

Superhero fans, rejoice: A new "Justice League" trailer and movie poster have been revealed at Comic-Con in San Diego.

>> Watch the trailer here

>> PHOTOS: Comic-Con cosplay

Time reported that the trailer released Saturday "hints at the appearance of a mysterious hero," possibly Superman or a Green Lantern. 

>> WATCH: Gal Gadot cheers up teary-eyed girl dressed as Wonder Woman at Comic-Con

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The poster, which features Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), the Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa), features the words, "You can't save the world alone."

>> See the poster here

WATCH: Gal Gadot cheers up teary-eyed girl dressed as Wonder Woman at Comic-Con

A young Wonder Woman fan has something to smile about after sharing a heartwarming moment with actress Gal Gadot at Comic-Con in San Diego.

>> PHOTOS: Comic-Con cosplay

According to "Entertainment Tonight," a girl dressed as the superhero seemed to have tears in her eyes when she met Gadot during a "Justice League" autograph signing Saturday. Gadot immediately smiled at the young fan, took her hand and offered some words of encouragement. 

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"Now we are friends, so there's no reason to cry anymore. We are together!" Gadot said in a viral video of the exchange shared by Variety, according to "ET."

>> Click here to watch

Gadot's "Justice League" co-star Ezra Miller also contributed to the pep talk.

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"You're a warrior. ... I think the ability to let yourself cry is what makes you such a warrior," he said, according to "ET." "Come join the Justice League whenever you get ready."

"Sweet kid," co-star Ben Affleck added.

Aaron Carter speaks out after DUI arrest, says he doesn't drink alcohol

Following his DUI arrest Saturday night, Aaron Carter is telling his side of the story by recounting his version of the events that night.

>> Watch the report here

In an interview with "Entertainment Tonight," the pop singer emotionally opened up about how things have been since his arrest on charges of DUI refusal, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce and possession of drug-related objects. He explained that prior to the arrest, he and girlfriend Madison Parker were at a club appearance in North Carolina the day before. They decided to buy a cheap car to take to his next show, rather than rent one or fly, he said.

>> Aaron Carter rips brother Nick after family feud goes public

“I opened for Michael Jackson Sept. 9 and 10 in 2001 — we all left the morning of Sept. 11 and watched the Trade Centers get hit across the Hudson River, and I saw it with my own eyes and I saw people jumping out of the buildings and burned,” Carter said, explaining that he’s afraid of flying.

>> Aaron Carter arrested on DUI, drug charges

He went on to say that the car he bought wasn’t in good shape and was out of alignment, causing him to drift while driving. Eventually, he pulled over to an AutoZone in Georgia for help fixing the alignment, he said.

“Somebody said I was driving recklessly on the road – that’s what the police report said – but the alignment was off on my car, so I went to AutoZone to see if I could do anything about it,” he said. “A motorcyclist reported that I was swerving all over the road, but the alignment was off a little bit on the new tire.”

According to Carter, police then approached him inside the AutoZone and arrested him. He claimed that he wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident.

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“I do not drink alcohol at all,” he said. “I’ll occasionally have a sip of a beer or something like that, but I can’t even drink IPAs. I can’t drink anything like that. I have to drink the lightest beer possible that’s not hoppy. I don’t drink any hard liquor.”

He said he had not smoked marijuana in nine hours leading up to his arrest and is offended by fans who have been calling for him to seek help for drug addiction.

“It hurts real bad because people don’t know me, and I have no control over it, and this is the way I am,” Carter said. “I have a medical condition. When I was 19 years old, I got an endoscopy done in Tennessee, and I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. The doctor told me I have to keep stress out of my life, or else it’s gonna take a toll on me and I can develop cancer.”

Aaron Carter rips brother Nick after family feud goes public

Pop singer Aaron Carter criticized his famous brother this week, shortly after Nick Carter reached out to his sibling via social media.

Aaron was recently arrested in Georgia on charges of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. After news of his arrest circulated, Nick posted about his brother on Twitter.

>> Aaron Carter arrested on DUI, drug charges

“To my brother: I love u no matter what & if u feel the need to reach for help, I am here and willing to help you get better,” Nick wrote.

“Family isn’t always easy, [but] we’re all here for you.”

In a recent response, Aaron chided his brother for making such a statement.

“If my own blood (Nick) truly cared about my well-being, why wouldn’t he call me directly and have a conversation instead of making this about him through a very public forum?” he said.

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“That’s not cool at all to use me for his PR and kick me while I am down. I love my family despite it through thick and thin.”

>> Read the statement here

Aaron later told fans on Twitter that he "will NOT continue to tolerate such lies about me regarding drug use with alleged meth, heroine [sic], crack – it's not funny!"

>> Read the tweet here

Martin Landau will forever be remembered for this line during his Oscars speech

In March 1995, actor Martin Landau put a cap on a decades-long career in Hollywood by winning the Academy Award for best supporting actor.

>> Watch his speech here

Landau died on Saturday at age 89, according to TMZThe Associated Press and other media outlets.

>> Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau dead at 89

Throughout his career, Landau starred alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names. In 1994’s “Ed Wood,” he played Bela Lugosi, another character actor who had a long career in front of the screen.

>> PHOTOS: Notable deaths 2017

When speaking to the crowd during his speech, an overwhelmed Landau delivered one of the most memorable monologues in Oscar history.

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“My God. What a night. What a life. What a moment. What everything,” Landau said during his speech.

Landau went on to thank many people involved with the film and expressed admiration for his director, Tim Burton, and co-star Johnny Depp.

Aaron Carter arrested on DUI, drug charges

Aaron Carter reportedly was arrested Saturday on DUI and drug charges in Georgia. 

ABC News reported that the 29-year-old singer was charged with DUI, as well as possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana and "drug-related objects," according to the Habersham County Sheriff's Office.

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Carter's girlfriend, Madison Parker, also was arrested on charges of possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana, possession of drug-related objects and obstruction of officers, the Sheriff's Office said.

Carter bonded out of jail Sunday. Parker was still in custody, according to jail records.

>> Backstreet Boys confirm 2018 world tour

According to "Entertainment Tonight," Carter, younger brother of the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, had been slated to perform in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday. His official Twitter account posted that the singer would not "make his set time" because of "transportation issues."

>> See the tweet here

Read more here or here.

Neil Patrick Harris slams James Woods over 'classless' tweet about little boy

Neil Patrick Harris let James Woods have it on Twitter.

Earlier this week, “Once Upon a Time in America” actor Woods shared a tweet featuring a couple with their young son at the Orange County Pride Parade in California. In the photo, the couple is holding signs that read “I love my gender creative son!” and “My son wears dresses & makeup… Get over it!!”

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“This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you’ve done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage,” Woods wrote.

>> See the tweet here

The actor was quickly faced with backlash, and Harris wasted no time responding to the tweet.

>> On Rumors are swirling about Paris Jackson's date, and now she's ready to speak out about him

“Utterly ignorant and classless, Mr. Woods,” Harris wrote. “I’m friends with this family. You know not of what you speak, and should be ashamed of yourself.”

>> See the tweet here

Richard Simmons sues RadarOnline, National Enquirer to protect privacy

Richard Simmons will do anything to protect his privacy.

According to People Magazine, the famous fitness instructor is ready to file legal action against RadarOnline and the National Enquirer, and their parent company American Media, Inc., after he claimed they published content about him “in a hurtful campaign of defamations and privacy invasions.”

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NBC News reported that Simmons filed the suit on Monday with the Los Angeles Superior Court and is seeking undisclosed damages. 

The cruel and malicious publication of these stories is particularly offensive because Mr. Simmons fully supports individual autonomy and the essential human dignity of every person to make his or her own personal choices regarding sexual identity," the complaint stated.

The Hollywood Reporter obtained a copy of the complaint and reported that it said the following:

The National Enquirer and Radar Online have cheaply and crassly commercialized and sensationalized an issue that ought to be treated with respect and sensitivity. Principles of freedom of speech and press may protect their prerogative to mock and degrade the LGBTQ community. But freedom to speak is not freedom to defame. Mr. Simmons, like every person in this nation, has a legal right to insist that he not be portrayed as someone he is not. Even the most ardent supporter of sexual autonomy and LGBTQ rights is entitled to be portrayed in a manner that is truthful.

“While we have not seen Mr. Simmons’ complaint, we stand by our reporting about him, all of which was based on solid sourcing and material evidence,” a spokesman for American Media Inc. said, according to NBC News. “Should he choose to proceed with his lawsuit, we will defend it vigorously, and we look forward to the public vindication of our reports.”

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“People have a right to privacy, and just because someone is a public figure doesn't mean their right to privacy is gone.” Simmons’ manager, Michael Catalano said in a statement to NBC News. “Richard is very glad get his side of the story out. This has been going on for a long time.”

Simmons has not been seen in public in nearly three years, but it was recently reported that he was hospitalized for severe indigestion. Upon his release from the hospital, Simmons posted to his official Facebook page to thank fans for their support and express his gratitude to those who cared for him during his hospitalization.

“They make you feel good even though you’re in the hospital for feeling bad,” he wrote, thanking “the wonderful men and women of the Los Angeles Police Dept.”

LAPD Detective Kevin Becker spoke to People Magazine about Simmons’ condition after reportedly helping him back to his Los Angeles home.

“He looks really great,” Becker said. “He is getting older, like all of us, but he is in good shape. He is in great spirits. He was laughing and joking and talking. He is very friendly, very funny.

Kelcie Willis with the Cox Media Group National Content Desk contributed to this story.

Actor Val Kilmer opens up about rumored cancer diagnosis

Val Kilmer revealed he has been recovering from a cancer diagnosis.

People reported that Kilmer did a Reddit Ask Me Anything, or AMA, this week, where he opened up about his cancer diagnosis for the first time since rumors of his health started swirling.

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Earlier this year, Michael Douglas revealed that Kilmer had been diagnosed with oral cancer during a Q&A, and it set the rumor mill on fire.

“Things don’t look too good for him,” Douglas said at the time. “My prayers are with him. That’s why you haven’t heard too much from Val lately.”

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Kilmer immediately refuted the rumors on Facebook and said he had not spoken to Douglas in two years.

“I love Michael Douglas but he is misinformed,” Kilmer wrote. “The last time I spoke to him was almost two years ago, when I asked him for a referral for a specialist to get a diagnosis for a lump in my throat, which prevented me from continuing a tour of my play CITIZEN TWAIN. I ended up using a team at UCLA and have no cancer whatsoever.”

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This week, Kilmer said on Reddit he has had “a healing of cancer.”

“A while ago, Michael Douglas claimed you had terminal cancer,” one fan asked. “What was the story behind that?”

“He was probably trying to help me ‘cause press probably asked where I was these days, and I did have a healing of cancer, but my tongue is still swollen, although healing all the time,” Kilmer responded. “Because I don’t sound my normal self yet, people think I may still be under the weather.”

Kilmer also faced rumors of health issues in 2015 after it was rumored he had a tumor and was later spotted with a tracheotomy tube around his neck, something he allegedly later hid with scarves.

Confirmed: Jersey Shore season 6 will be the last season

Goodbye, guidos and guidettes! Jersey Shore Season 6 will be the final season of the MTV hit, reportsVariety. “Ratings for the last few seasons have been declining,” says Variety, “and [MTV] decided to make the announcement five weeks before the final season so it can market it as the last, hoping that viewers who may have turned away will return to say goodbye.”Rumors had been swirling in recent months that producers had informed the eight castmates — SammiRonnieDeena NicoleSnookiThe SituationPauly DJWOWWVinny — before filming for Season 6 began in May that it would be the last season. As a farewell special, MTV will air “Gym, Tan, Look Back” at 6 p.m. ET on September 6, right before the Video Music Awards. At 7 p.m. ET, the cast “will discuss the last season,” and we’ll get to see the first sneak peek at Season 6. Source: VarietyFor more on Jersey Shore, Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

Ex-Fox CEO Roger Ailes buys $36M Palm Beach mansion

Former Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes has been identified as the buyer behind the trust that paid $36 million in September for a never-lived-in house at 6 Ocean Lane in Palm Beach, public records show.

Ailes signed a “declaration of domicile” stating that he was a Florida resident and listing the Ocean Lane house as his address. The declaration was recorded Nov. 16, 2016, by the Palm Beach County Clerk’s Office.

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Some media outlets at the time of the sale, citing unnamed sources, reported that Ailes was behind the purchase.

In July, Ailes resigned from the conservative news network in the wake of fallout from a lawsuit filed two weeks prior by former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson. Her suit alleged that Ailes had sexually harassed her during her time at the network, charges that he denied.

The suit was followed by similar allegations by other women, including Fox anchor Megyn Kelly, who later left the network. Ailes has denied any wrongdoing.

Ailes spent 20 years at Fox News, which he co-founded with British tabloid king Rupert Murdock, who took over his role there after Ailes’ resignation.

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Media reports at the time said that Ailes left Fox News with a settlement package totaling around $40 million, about the same amount his trust paid for the Palm Beach house, which was developed on speculation.

The declaration of domicile said Ailes plans to maintain his “permanent home” in Florida and lists previous addresses in Cresskill, N.J., and Garrison, N.Y.

No more children for Kim Kardashian; she and Kanye consider surrogacy

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian revealed Sunday on her cable show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” that she won’t be able to have any more children after undergoing a painful and unsuccessful surgery to try to correct the problem, reported.

“So there’s a complication with my bladder, I had to have a catheter,” Kardashian said while she was still hospitalized. “It’s super painful and frustrating.”

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“Kanye and I have always talked about having more kids, but after what I went through in Paris, the urgency is even greater.” 

The 36-year-old Kardashian is married to rapper Kanye West. The couple has two children together.

Kardashian also revealed she and Kanye have discussed using a surrogate to have more children.

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“I feel like surrogacy is the only option for me,” she said.

“After talking to Kanye … I always knew surrogacy was an option. Now it’s my reality. Whatever is meant to be will be.”

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