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Mariah Carey On NYE: ‘I was victimized and vilified’

Mariah Carey is giving a complete explanation for what happened on New Year's Eve!

Hear Vin Diesel Sing on Kygo and Selena Gomez’s New Single “It Ain’t Me”

Kygo invited Vin Diesel to the studio and added his vocals to "It Ain't Me"! What do you think?

Lady Gaga Isolated Vocals Leaked

Hear the isolated vocals from her extremely intense and high-energy halftime show.

the Bieb caught on camera getting in trouble again …kinda

I’m rooting for the Biebs.  I promise you I am.  Seems like he’s gotten himself into another “something or other” and this time …well, cameras were rolling all around according to TMZ.  I’ll let you be the judge from here.

Camila Cabella opens up about leaving Fifth Harmony in Billboard Magazine

“The easiest route would be to shut my mouth, sing the songs, wear the clothes and keep going. We were at the peak of our career. It’s not the safe option.” –

Things He Does That Make You Think He Likes You…But He Doesn’t

Think he likes you? Think again.

Teacher arrested for doing cartwheel in front of class …with no undies!

I swear I never had teachers like this when I was in high school …or maybe I just took the wrong classes.  I guess Miss Sponsler was really trying to get her class to pay attention when she did this …but she probably should’ve checked her wardrobe first …because according to the Smoking Gun she wasn’t wearing any …well um, undies (and there’s snap-chat video)!



The Best Dating Apps For Finding Love & the Best For Hooking Up!

A new study found the best dating apps for finding love and hooking up.

Stanley is Phoebe’s Pup of the Week from Humane Society of Pinellas!

Meet Stanley! He’s Phoebe’s Pup of the Week from Humane Society of Pinellas! This adorable Pug-chihuahua mix is looking for a home where he can kick back and relax. Stanley can be a bit bashful when he meets brand new friends but opens up quickly if you sit on the floor with him. Stanley walks his very best in his Easy Walk Harness and is slowly learning new commands! Stanley appreciates those who sit back and smell the flowers with him. Call 727-797-7722 or visit for more info!

Kate Upton gets the cover of SI’s Swimsuit Issue for the 3rd time!

She looks amazing! Congrats to Kate Upton!

Here’s more!

The $200,000 City of Clearwater logo

Here’s the logo! What do you think?

100k to think up the idea with consultants

50k to rebrand with a marketing firm

50k to replace signs and decals



Couple cancels $350k wedding after family brawl at rehearsal dinner

Now this might cause you to say …lets just elope! Poor Amy and Brad! This one has all the juice; being cut out of the will, etc.  Here’s the full scoop here according to Buzzfeed!

NEW Maroon 5 featuring Future

It’s HOT New Music from Maroon 5 with Future! What do you think?

Valentine’s Day Freebies!

Get some free (or cheap) eats today!

Justin Bieber trolls the Weeknd and on Instagram Live

I’m guessing this is a sure sign that the Bieb isn’t over Selena Gomez …or the fact that he’s not happy that she’s moved on to the Weeknd.  In any case, instead of being at the Grammy Awards last night, he chose to go live on IG and somehow the Weeknd came up …and the trolling began.  Check out the video here!

Awwww poor Biebs.  lol

Good News, Verizon people: They’re bringing unlimited data back… with a catch.

Yep! You read that right! Verizon Wireless is bringing Unlimited Data back! It’s gonna run you $80/month (that’s data, talk, and text). If you’re on a family plan – it’s $45 per phone on 4 separate phones.

Seems like a good deal, huh? It is if you use a ton of data! Only catch is that once you’ve used 22g of data, you’re gonna end up in the back of the line for internet in the event of congestion. Also, you’ve gotta agree to go paper-less and auto-pay. MORE INFO! 

WATCH: Ariana Grande’s Grandma was NOT having it at her concert

Ariana Grande’s “Nonna” was front row at an Ariana concert and she looked bored out of her mind. The only time she showed another expression is when Ariana started cursing on stage. Poor Nonna. No one tell her what “Side to Side” is about!!!!!!

Side note: I want to love anything as much as Ariana’s brother (2 people down from Nonna) loves Ariana’s music.

ICYMI: HOT New Music from Katy Perry! Hear it now!

This morning, Miguel and Holly premiered Hot New Music from Katy Perry called “Chained to The Rhythm”! We’re going to play it all day on Hot 101.5!

Hear it now…

2017’s Best Cities for Valentine’s Day

A new study ranked the best cities for Valentine’s Day based on things like how much dinner costs . . . how many flower shops there are . . . and how nice the weather’s supposed to be.

And apparently the place to be is San Francisco.  There’s room to get creative, because there’s a lot of stuff to do.  And the weather should be decent, so you can do stuff outdoors and save money.  Here are the top ten cities for Valentine’s Day . . .

1.  San Francisco.

2.  Scottsdale, Arizona.

3.  Orlando.

4.  Honolulu.

5.  Seattle.

6.  Las Vegas.

7.  Atlanta.

8.  Portland, Oregon.

9.  San Diego.

10.  [More]

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