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Hi, Stranger: Weirdest or possibly best video you’ll ever watch

Is this creepy, soothing, or both?

HOT New Artist Alert: Julia Michaels. Watch her perform “Issues” on Jimmy Fallon

She’s written music for Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez – just to name a few. Now, Julia Michaels is doing it for herself! She performed “Issues” on Jimmy Fallon and she sounded AH-MAZING. WATCH!

How to Recover Your MySpace Photos

How to find your old MySpace photos!

“Cash Me Outside” girl’s Mom facing lawsuit after fight

Well she may have finally gone and done it now.  Thanks to her daughter the “Cash Me Outside” girl’s mom is facing a lawsuit.  Apparently there was an altercation of some sort that was caught on video and now this lady wants to get paid! We’ll see what happens!  Here’s the details here!

Calvin Harris breaks down the making of his latest hit “Slide”

Its kind of cool to watch Calvin Harris make a record …check it out as he shows us the process of making his latest “Slide.”

Dancing With The Stars

It was a big night with non stop performances! Who will take home the coveted Mirrorball?!

This Cat Is Savage

This cat is a street hustler's worst nightmare.

Gabrielle is Phoebe’s Pup of the Week from Humane Society of Pinellas

Meet: Gabrielle! She’s Phoebe’s Pup of the Week from Humane Society of Pinellas. Gabrielle is a 2 year old chihuahua mix. She LOVES to snuggle. Seriously, sit on the floor with her at HSP and she’ll climb right onto your lap! Meet this sweet (and chunky) girl today! Call 727-797-7722 for check out for more details!

How could you get “catfished” for two years? Here’s how!

Wow! The whole “catfish” thing has always intrigued me because I wonder how folks get strung along …but this one! This guy had the “female voice” thing down! Check it out here and see what you think!

Drake breaks all kinds of records …and YOU helped him!

Well I believe you did anyway! Drake’s latest album “More Life” dropped this past weekend and broke all kinds of streaming records.  According to the Verge it had like 89.9 million streams on Apple Music in 24 hours.  That’s crazy! And there were more records which you can see here! 

SUV Turns Into A Transformer To Get Around Gridlock Traffic

Imagine if you had one of these for your morning or afternoon commute!

73 Questions With Selena Gomez

We find out a lot about Selena Gomez with 73 questions.

Blocked From Her Own Facebook Page

Charlotte Campbell got her Facebook account deleted because of Ed Sheeran.

Single Parent’s Day

Angel Soft is showing these single parents some major appreciation!

Super Sweet Video Of Brothers Reuniting

Here’s the story I talked about during #AllTheFeels this morning. Adam is in Dallas at college. His 9 year old brother Aaron is back in Ohio and missing his older brother. He was super sad when Adam couldn’t come home for the holidays because flights were too expensive. Adam was able to surprise his younger brother for Spring Break and the video will warm your heart!! Read the full story HERE. See the video below!

How Did This Chicken Get So Big?

Y'all seen that giant chicken?

Why is this chicken so big? And its real! (VIDEO)

So this video appeared this weekend and had everyone wondering, is this chicken real?  Well it turns out that it is …check out the video below. The rooster in question has all of the characteristics of a Brahma chicken, a large breed of chicken cultivated in the US.

Can you name the TV show based on its very last line?

I know, I know. It's probably hard to get through this without inspiring a tear or two. However, if these shows still have a place in your heart you should definitely remember how they said goodbye forever, right?

Something you’re doing with your yoga pants is hurting the environment

More studies need to be done, but when you wash your yoga pants they shed tiny fibers that are ending up in our waters. Those fibers eventually end up in the bellies of sea life. So whether you’re actually wearing these pants to work out or if you’re just going to the grocery store in them – it’s causing a ruckus with our oceans. It’s not just yoga pants, it’s also anything made with synthetic material. I was always under the impression that yoga pants were the greatest invention ever, but I guess I was wrong. 😦 READ more from our friends [More]
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