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Blown Off?!  

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  • Blown Off?! Omar v. Kristen

    Omar wore a hazmat suit on his date with Kristen!! He's scared that he's going to get Ebola.

    10/16/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Matt v. April

    Matt left April alone in a haunted house at Howl-o-scream!! She doesn't want to date a guy who would leave her alone in a dark scary place.

    10/16/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Kylie v. Clinton

    Kylie is chocolate obsessed! He house was covered in candy wrappers and she was stuffing her mouth all night. She even growled at Clinton when he tried to take a bite!

    10/16/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Mitchell v. Kelly

    Mitchell is stuck in high school. He still wears his lettermens jacket and thought it would be a good idea to take Kelly to his old high school?!

    10/16/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Kristen v. Phillip

    Kristen is a marker sniffer! She had mutiple expo markers in her purse and took a whiff every two minutes! She says it calms her down.

    10/13/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Michelle v. Nick

    Michelle loves winter so much that she wore boots, a scarf and sweater when it was 90 degrees out and then complained about how cold it was!

    10/9/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Kendra v. Terry

    Terry was angry that Kendra made him get a pedicure from a dude.

    10/9/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Stacy v. Kevin

    Stacy thought she was saving money by refilling water bottles. Kevin feels like she poisoned him!

    10/9/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Jennifer v. Josh

    Jennifer thought you cleaned up the beach by throwing all the trash in the water???

    10/9/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Melissa v. Daniel

    Melissa thought it would be a good idea to show off her cigar smoking skills and put out a cigar on her tongue!!

    10/9/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Brandon v. Kimberly

    Brandon handcuffed and blindfolded Kimberly on their first date!! He was looking for a sub!

    9/29/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Nick v. Katie

    Nick was Katie's Chiropractor! On the date he was extra handsy and couldn't stop bragging about being a doctor.

    9/26/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Evan v. Cheri

    Evan is convinced that he is President Obama's son and that he is Lady Gaga's dog walker.

    9/26/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Alexis v. Nikko

    Alexis invited Nikko back to get place to blow up a bunch of balloons for a party and didn't even help!

    9/23/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Dylan v. Anna

    Dylan thought it would be okay to park in a handicap spot because he has his grandma's old sticker.

    9/22/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Kristina v. Cody

    Kristina had the N-word tattooed on her booty TWICE! She says it's okay because it's a Jay Z lyric and at heart she's a black man. (???)

    9/15/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Corey v. Amy

    Amy is a witch!! She practices wicca and even put a spell on Corey over the phone. She didn't like how judgmental he was of her religion. #BlownOff

    8/26/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Leslie v. Max

    Max and Leslie were having a great time at the Rays game until she made the announcement that she was on her period! T.M.I! #BlownOff

    8/22/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Cody v. Holly

    Cody took Holly to paint pottery but started crying when he was pulled over for a speeding ticket!! #BlownOff

    8/19/2014 listen   download 
  • Blown Off?! Clayton v. Michelle

    Clayton took Michelle to a Bucs practice and proceeded to heckle the players the entire time. What would you do if your date tried to start a “YOU SUCK BUCS” chant at a practice/game? #BlownOff

    8/15/2014 listen   download 
60 items
Results 1 - 20 of 60next >

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