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Best Of: Loser Line  

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  • Loser Line is baaaaack 2-11-13

    Did that dude really just say "thanks for loaning me a tissue" let's hang out again so we can... "boogie" ???? AMAZING.

    2/11/2013 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 11-26-12

    "I'm not thirsty, but I want a drink of you." What the....

    11/26/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 11-19-12

    I don't know what I'm more excited about- the man with the cheese fetish or the return of Whisky Richard!

    11/19/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 11-5-12

    This week the Loser Line voicemail was packed with some real gems. The green tellatubby is looking for his sexy nurse, there's a third time caller (first time message leaver), and some guy who is quite the speller!

    11/5/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 10-22-12

    Todd is into snuggling AND Yahtzee?! Hellooo Prince Charming! Also, someone grab Timmy a tissue for his issue.

    10/22/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 10-15-12

    V-neck Tony wants to meet again at the sand bar and Joseph's still in town if you want to meet him at the Omni Hotel!

    10/15/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 10-8-12

    Whiskey Richard is back! Months without any call back, he's still trying. And Jeff thinks Darryl could do way better than his girlfriend, i.e. Jeff.

    10/8/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 10-1-12

    Chuck needed some liquid courage before he could call and one guy blew a bunch of money on an unnecessary hotel room.

    10/1/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 9-24-12

    Steve's cough sounds like he's been hitting the pipe a little too hard, and one man busted a rhyme, at least he put some effort into it!

    9/24/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 9-17-12

    Mia's got a couple different homeboys calling, one man is obsessed with dimples & the other...a black cat!? THESE guys are single for a reason!

    9/17/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 8-20-12

    Shark week has made one Tampa Bay man in particularly creepy! Another guy's just sweaty with a big belt buckle.

    8/20/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 8-13-12

    Virginia, your prince in shining armor awaits you! Anyone else craving IHOP?

    8/13/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 8-6-12

    Chivalry is NOT dead, Tampa Bay! One caller CAN'T stop thinking about a certain "body" & another one makes it clear that he's calling because he likes thick girls!

    8/6/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 7-30-12

    Joe is in love with LJ's waitress uniform, Steve's a Tommy Bahama wearin' freak and Tampa Bay's candidate for The Most DUI's Award goes to our creepiest caller of the week!

    7/30/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 7-23-12

    Jake gave the Loser Line number to the ditziest girl in Tampa Bay, a bird watcher is on the prowl, and some creepy boat guy talks inappropriately about bottles.

    7/23/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 7-9-12

    4th of July weekend brought out some real winners! There's a certain someone who'd like to drink wine coolers and blown things up with you. That's love.

    7/9/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 7-2-12

    Josie, Tim wants your face tattooed on his arm. Oh, and Kathryn stole Dan's umbrella and THEN gave him the Loser Line number. haha

    7/2/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 6-18-12

    These have GOT to be the 2 creepiest guys in Tampa Bay. One is surrounded by cats (??) and the other is an out of tune karaoke junkie!

    6/18/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 6-11-12

    Our favorite guy from the Loser Line voicemail this week? A Mac nerd who is determined to drop some panties! Ow Owww!!

    6/12/2012 listen   download 
  • Loser Line 6-4-12

    Tampa Bay's BIGGEST druggy was given the Loser Line, wonder why?!

    6/4/2012 listen   download 
35 items
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