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‘No pictures PLEASE!’

A mother alligator here in Florida chased off a man attempting to take a photograph. The gator is seen sprinting from the edge of the water to snap its jaws around a tripod the man placed on the grassy slope. After hopping behind a small bush, the man slowly backed away and continued to snap pics of the gator using his phone’s camera. Eventually the gator made its way back into the water, but lunged at the man once again when he attempted to go back and collect the bag that contained his camera. Despite the second close encounter, the man continued to film the [More]

Khloe Kardashian clears up pregnancy rumors

Well Khloe Kardashian started a bit of chaos on the internet when she made a “Mom + Dad” post with boyfriend Tristan Thompson.  Everyone wondered if she had a bun in the oven.  Well Khloe has since come out and cleared up the confusion saying that they are not preggo.  Not right now anyway.  Here’s more deets via TMZ.

Nightmare Machine

This musical instrument is responsible for many of the eerie music and creepy sound effects we all love in horror films.


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